Spready Eggs & Ice Cream Bars

Jeremy Fox and Matt Jennings. What can I say. On a food level, these two cats are about as pristine it gets. Their flavors are clean, vibrant and sophisticated. Their platings are immaculate. Their knowledge, intuition, and integrity are traits that take decades of hard work to acquire. And, the icing on the cake—in my humble opinion—happens to be their personalities. These two chefs were some of the coolest, wittiest, most resonating cats I've been around in a long, long time. This dinner was a blast. It was a long day, with many steps, and I didn't want it to end. Where else could you ever get a perfectly circulated egg yolk as accoutrement to your wagyu ribeye tartar and a smoked honey ice cream bar with rainbow jimmies?

*Jeremy likes to call his yolks a "Spready Egg" and I like it.

Samuel MonsourComment