North Carolina, C'mon an' Raise Up!

As some of you may know, I grew up in Cary NC, and got my come-upins at my folks neighborhood bar & grill in Chapel Hill. My family still lives in NC, and when I told them that Ashley Christensen (Poole's Diner, Raleigh NC) was coming up to Boston to do a dinner with us, cliche small town happenings transpired. It turns out my sister and her husband know Ashley from their days of working at Lantern, and if that's not cool enough, it turns out that Ashley is a big fan of my brother Wesley Wolfe's music! Plus, my entire family loves her food. 

Anyway, we mashed her up with Boston's own Alex Saenz (Lineage)  and the rest took care of itself. As you can see, the food was beautiful!!! Alex focused on simple, rustic and rich sea fare, while Ashley kicked it NC farmers market style, with some serious smoked cheshire pork swagger. These two chefs both cooked from the heart with love, care and integrity. Their presence brought nothing but positive vibes to my kitchen, and I'd love to cook with them again!

Samuel MonsourComment