Sweet Grass & Salt Water

Chef/Owner Ryan Trimm (Sweet Grass, Memphis TN) flew into town to throw it down on some serious fucking southern cookery this weekend. We mashed him up with local talent chef Michael Serpa (Neptune Oyster, Boston) who has a great reputation for his mastery of oceanic cookery. It was great to have these cats in my kitchen and learn the tricks of their trade. Fun fact, and random coincidence: everybody calls both of these guys by their last name. Trimm was an extremely charming, thought provoking, humble-badass. His food was full of life, flavor and inspiration. At one moment, this dude had my entire range covered in hot pans for his seafood-ham-sausage pirlau, and flawlessly held it down on 6 pans. Mad skills yo! Serpa's offerings all featured salt water fare (get the clever title now?) and were clean, bright and in many ways, very mediterranean. Our homie Sammy Jackson (KO Pies, Southie & Eastie) came through to lend a hand, drink a few cold ones, and tell some hilarious Aussie tales. He also helped me scrubthelivingshit out of my grill. As always, my two cooks (they're so much more to me than that) Marky & Stevie came to help, learn and grow. They are incredible. Mark actually got to sit down and dine with his beautiful gf Ashley; she's a major sweetheart. It was a great day, thanks to Trimm and Serpa! Oh yeah, beautiful pictures taken by the lovely Tara Morris.

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