Chillin' with a Hip Hop Scholar

So, I cannot divulge any hard facts, but I recently had the pleasure of cooking steaks with Adam Richman! We also crushed a few pints in Boston's West End, where we ultimately ended up discussing our shared love for Hip Hop music. Rad! 

Adam's love for Hip Hop came as no surprise. I mean, the guy grew up in Brooklyn during the 80's. I honestly think that out of everyone I know, I am the Hip Hop guru. I peep tons of MC's, I can recite mad lines, I understand lyrics and metaphors that fly right over most cats heads', but Adam graciously made a student out of me. He truly is a Hip Hop Scholar. A master. This dude was dropping MC Shan and Melle Mel lines. 

If I ever want to get on his level, I've got a lot of research and listening to do. The golden age of hip-hop from '76-'90 eludes me.  It was so fun to politic about the music, MC's, and lyrics with Adam!!! I haven't done that since I was living in NY, and it brought me back to those good ol' days.

Samuel Monsour & Adam Richman

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