SpaghettiO's Ramen

Remember that time SpaghettiO's pissed off the world with their Pearl Harbor Day tweet? Well, I took that shit to heart because I've been a SpaghettiO's fan since a baby. 

So, in an effort to clean the good name of the fine folks at Campbell's, I decided to throw it down on my favorite Japanese dish: Ramen. But instead of using ramen noodles, I triple washed SpaghettiO's and put them up in there!

For help and expertise, I reached out to my homie chef Mark O'Leary aka The Noodle Ninja. Where'd he get that nickname you might ask?? I'll tell you. Mark is the baddest dude in Boston when it comes to making handmade ramen noodles. He also kills it with the broths and braised pork belly.

We got together for a Friday night pop-up in downtown Boston and sold bowls of SpaghettiO's ramen for $12-14. The goal was to donate proceeds to a veteran based charity, but we barely broke even. Oops. Or should I say, UT-OH SpaghettiO's!

Samuel MonsourComment