Grilling on Beacon Hill

Chef Sacha Talarico (Bin 26) and I instructed a one time grilling class at Hill House. We drank beers. We cracked some jokes. We made some new friends. And we grilled some food pretty much right on Charles Street. Not a bad Wednesday night in May. We ended up going with a mediterranean theme. Sacha grilled a few whole orata and a shit load of garden veggies. He used some really nice olive oils and kept things simple because he's really from Italy and that's how they role. Me on the other hand, still had to grime things up. So, I put it down on a burger with aged provolone, toasted pine nuts, garlic-confit aioli, simply dressed arugula & basil, and oh yeah, a dry-cured "prosciutto americano" I whipped up in 3 weeks time utilizing a beautifully marbled center cut of a pork shoulder that I just couldn't justify grinding up for sausage. (shown below, isn't it so pretty??). That went on some wicked fresh ciabatta that Sacha scored from Iggy's. Love them. I also made a charred fennel & red onion salad with fresh oregano, blood orange segments, greek evoo and fresh oregano. The people at the Hill House and the community of students made the night a blast. It seemed like everyone had a blast, and I was shocked that we were able to hammer this out in an hour. Hopefully, we can do this again, and if we're lucky, we can get a solid 3 hour time slot. Much thanks and love to Babak & Azita (BiNA Hospitality) for putting this adult cooking series together, and inviting me to be a part of it!