These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Bacon & Beer, that is. This year, we brought the GRIME to bacon & beer festival! What we did: Bacon Fat Confit'd Pork Shoulder Crostini w/ Pickled Mustard, Mayo & Sharp Cheddar. Why we did it: We used to make pork rillettes on our winter menu. After we cured the pork shoulder, the next step would be to cook it in fat. Obviously, we used bacon fat. There were a handful of steps after this one, but, when that pork came out of the oven hot, tender, juicy, salty, and glistening with bacony goodness, it was irresistible. We would snack on it for an hour and rave. Then, we decided that it was tasty enough to be its own finished product. We said fuck making rillettes, lets just start making this! And we did For bacon and beer festival. I think that the crowd really enjoyed it, and I was especially proud to hear one guy enthusiastically announce, "there is bacon fat dripping down my chin!". Hooray for bacon fat.