Aussie Pie Throwdown

I can't say it better than my homie Drew Starr, so I'll just quote him from his Eater Boston post: 

"Starting at 10pm tomorrow night at jm Curley, chefs from around Boston will compete in the Mick Dundee Challenge - in which they will all make their own version of an Australian meat pie and offer it up for judging. KO Catering and Pie's Samuel Jackson had visited jm Curley for dinner one night, and after his meal, he was presented with Samuel Monsour's take on Jackson's signature dish. After making it halfway through what he called "a family sized pie filled with all sorts of grimey things," Jackson congratulated Monsour on "Mick Dundeeing" ('That's not a meat pie. THIS is a meat pie') him, and he also issued a cook-off challenge.

The two Samuels will present their pies alongside versions from James DiSabatino of Roxy's Grilled CheeseMark Goldberg from Park (also known for meat pies), Daren Palacios, bartender at both KO and Curley, and other surprise guest chef friends of Monsour's. "You'll just have to show up to find out exactly how many pies you'll have to stuff in your pie hole," says he. Guests will have the opportunity to buy three pies for $10 and judge them on taste, presentation, and innovation."

Conclusion: I won!!! My winning pie was an Ostrich Sausage Pie w/ Tasmanian Mountain Pepper, English Double Gloucester Stilton and Ramp Confit. All other pies were outstanding as well, and the support from patrons and chefs alike was outrageous.


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