The Noodle Ninja & Junk Food Jedi Strike Again

My dear friends Richard and Katie decided to become Mr. and Mrs. Chudy, and they also decided to entrust the catering of this life-changing affair to the talented Mark O'Leary and myself. Mark and I have a history of getting shit done. There's usually beer involved. It provides us with fuel for what we call our "magic". Mark and I got the jm Curley kitchen up and running together. It was an extremely stressful endeavor, so often times, we calmed our nerves with ice cold merriment. I'm not condoning this behavior, but, it is forever written in our history. In the midst of having literally NO staff, and developing menu items daily, we some how managed to muster up a 2-1/2 star review from Boston Globe's Devra First. After an extremely challenging year one was under our belt, Mark moved on to continue working on his truest love affair: ramen. The catering of this wedding was the first time that he and I were able to cook together in over 6 months. The Noodle-Ninja and the Junk-Food-Jedi were back in action! Well, sort of. Richard and Katie run their own blog/catering company, The Skinny Beet, and they did an expert job planning the menu, as well as doing all of the shopping. All Mark and I had to do was show up, put some beers on ice, and raid the cupboards in search on vital, forgotten about pantry items, such Boppin' Berry Hi-C (see below). Another great friend of ours, Patrick Maguire, helped captain the event. James and team from Roxy's came through with the truck and slung some late night grilled cheeses for all of the drunks! Quite possibly the best wedding in the history of man and wife.


Samuel MonsourComment