The Dude Abides

This event was a dream come true. As an ordained Dudeist Priest, I take spreading the word of, well, being in touch with your inner dude, very seriously. When my homie Bryan Barbieri from The Revere Hotel asked me if I wanted to participate in their Reel Chefs Series, I said, far fuckin' out! 

While The Big Lebowski was projected onto the silver screen, guests dined on:


“Sioux City Sarsaparilla” Glazed Beer Nuts 

Eva’s Sassafras Root, Cardamom, Vanilla

First Course:

“I told that kraut a thousand fucking times I don’t roll on Shabbos”

Beer Braised Brat, Smoked Bavarian Cheese, 28 Day Kraut,

Thousand Island Dressing, Jewish Rye

Second Course:

“What about the toe?!”

Pig’s Trotter Terrine Bahn Mi w/ Chicken Liver Pate, BLiS Barrel Aged Fish Sauce,

Worthy Slaw, Chili Mayo

Third Course:

Those are good burgers Walter”

In-N-Out Animal Style Burger


Is there a Ralph’s around here?

Folgers Ice Cream, Chocolate-Hazelnut Ash, Sea Salt


Oat Sodas: Miller Lite & MGD - 6

White Russian: Grey Goose, Kahlua, Half & Half - 9

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