Chefs Collaborative Trash Fish Dinner Boston

This years Boston based Chefs Collaborative Trash Fish Dinner was held (once again) at Michael Leviton's Area Four in Kendall Square, Cambridge. There was an insane amount of talented chefs on the card, and all I can keep on saying is how fortunate and inspired I feel to be working side by side with such talented ladies and gents.

I obvi gotta give a should out to the four main folks over at the Collaborative that put this thing together without a hitch, Alisha Fowler, Rob Booz, Melissa Kogut, and papa bear Michael Leviton. (His daughter helped for as long as she could, but it was a school night, so eventually Michael insisted she go home and get some rest for her big exam scheduled the following day. So cute!) Rob did an expert job of corralling all of the chefs. That guy has balls for sure.

The chefs involved hailed from the finest eateries in the area, including Barry Maiden (Hungry Mother), Cassie Piuma (Sarma), Carolyn Johnson & Katherine Hamilburg (80 Thoreau),  Jeff Pond (Area Four), Larry Lebowitz (Guckenheimer), William Kovel (Catalyst) and my two really good homies, Josh Lewin (Beacon Hill Bistro) and Katrina Jazzayeri. 

I actually had the pleasure of prepping my course out of Josh's Beacon Hill basement kitchen. It was totally radical maaan. His crew treated me with tons of love, and were super helpful, despite the fact that I took up prized real estate during their two busiest days of the week. Josh and I had a blast fabricating 150 pounds of fish together. (syke)

Much love to everybody at the Collaborative!

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