"Bearding It"

At the ripe age of 30, I finally got my cherry popped at the James Beard House! Much love and appreciation goes to my big homie chef Michael Scelfo (Alden & Harlow, Cambridge Ma). He was the chef of the evening and I was merely a set of hands tagging along to help in any way possible. 

Believe me when I tell you that this man is my big homie. He's been a cross between a mentor and a brother to me ever since we met. It was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of his team for the evening, and I had a blast working alongside his super talented crew. His GM Jen Fields and Sous Chef David Tollerud really held it down, as well as everyone else. 

Afterward, we swung by my homie Richard Kuo's place, Pearl & Ash. After a sick tour of their insane wine stash, Richard took it upon himself to straight up fucking slaughter us with almost every menu item. It was an incredible feast. By the end of it, Michael was ready for bed. As for me, well, I had to catch a Greyhound back to Boston at 4:30 am so I ended up closing down a nearby dive bar.