The fourth Mick Dundee Challenge—a savory Australian meat pie throw down—took place on April 27th in the shipyard of East Boston. It was a grey, chilly, somewhat shitty day. Except it wasn't, because mass quantities of great people, pies and booze were present! There were 13 chef competitors at this event. Big Sammy Jackson (KO Pies) was the former champ. By the end of the day, there was a new champ. Well, sort of. Chin Kuo (Saus) won 1st place, making him the only 2 time champ in the series! I came in second place and I ain't mad.

My pie was damn good if I do say so myself, but Chin's was just that much better. For the record, I did a sous vide Jamaican curried beef brisket filling with a cardamon & turmeric scented crust and smothered it in a lemongrass-ginger ketchup w/ shaved serrano chilis. (Now I'm drooling.) Chin did a pork and onions pie, which I regretfully didn't get a chance to try. My boy Daren Palacios came in third, which made me super proud. He doesn't have a professional chefs background, but he cooks with love, care and integrity, and it makes his food beaming with soul! Can't wait to try and get the belt back at MDC5 and hope to see y'all there.

Samuel MonsourComment