American Burger Revival | In Stores May 2015

Writing my first cookbook turned out to be an adventure of epic proportions!  Once I found out my homie and fellow chef/author Richard Chudy was into the idea of collaborating on a burger cookbook, I just had to join forces with him! I'd like to think we did a lot of unique things throughout the creation and development of this project, which has been expertly guided by our publishing team at Union Park Press since day one.

One thing y’all should know about me is that I love passion projects and I love working with passionate people.

For starters, we created a late night pop-up burger mini series so we could share our recipes with the public as we developed them; these events gave us an ear to street and also provided an electric energy to our cookbook that jumps straight from our parties onto our pages.

We also replaced a lot of "googling" with scouring our own cookbook collections in search of expert advice and opinion. This has lead to quite a tasty offering of regional American flavor. Several times, when simply reading cookbooks wasn't enough, we (by playing six degrees of Kevin Bacon) got in touch with various food and beverage gurus in hopes of picking their brains. We didn't want to limit the information we shared throughout our pages by offering just our combined knowledge because, well, we wanted this to be a learning process for ourselves as writers and chefs. 

I could keep going because I am just in love with the way this cookbook has turned out. From the homemade studio kitchens to our late night cheeseburger text messaging rants, from our outstanding photographers to the insane amount of amazing people that dedicated themselves to testing our recipes, from our journey as friends to the soul that has been given to this cookbook, I am just so proud and excited to share this humble hamburger tribute with the world!

Here's a few sneak peaks!

Samuel Monsour