Revelry for Charity | 12 Part Dining Series

A small group of friends and I (in Boston) put together a thoughtful and indulgent dining series that was a game changer for all of us. Revelry for Charity was originally conceptualized by my homie Stephen Torres of Imbibe & Inspire. As we hosted this twelve-part dining series, we paired twenty-four celebrated American chefs together over the coarse of twelve months.

I’m still inspired by these dinners to this day, and will always be thankful for my role in this series.

I learned a LOT, not just about cooking. As the back-of-house curator, I had the opportunity to expand my national network while improving skills in fields like communication, planning, night-of orchestration, event promoting and financial projections. It was also an eye opener for me with regards to the power of hospitality. We brought people together and made them feel really good, which made us feel really good, and we also took their ticket sale money and donated it to some really inspiring charities. It was really cool. Revelry for Charity will always have a special spot in my heart. Much love and respect to all that were involved. Especially Patrick Maguire, Mark Lutz, Steven Hacker, Kevin Mabry, Daren Palacios & Pickle. 

Check out this epic slideshow; simply click on the image to begin scrolling. It's an onslaught of killer photos that span the entire series, all taken by the incredible Tara Morris.

Samuel Monsour