Badassery at Bogie's Place | Featured Chef on Man Finds Food

One of last things I did before leaving my post as opening executive chef of jm Curley and Bogie's Place in Boston was film this rich-and-meaty segment with (who is now) my homie Adam Richman. Adam is a super cool cat. He's so well traveled and has experienced so much, but when he shares his knowledge, its never preachy. His heart is so fucking big, and he's so passionate about sharing his adventures. He's a true inspiration. He also knows more old school hip-hop lyrics than anyone I've ever met—I guess growing up in Brooklyn during the 80's will do that. When he came through my kitchen, I showed him how I get down on a classic steakhouse preparation: Bone-In Ribeye with Foie Gras Compound Butter and Roasted Bone Marrow. Aside from extremely high-heat and attentive execution, the most important element with offering a dish like this is thoughtfully sourced ingredients. Livestock must be farmed with integrity! Check out this video short highlighting our segment:

And now, a sustainability interlude: As chefs, we must fight against shitty commodity farming practices like daily administered preventative antibiotics, growth hormones and in cheap GMO corn and/or soy feed. We can do so by purchasing meats from farms that make their practices transparent and proudly share their methods with the general public via web and farm tours/ For beef, I can't speak highly enough about grass-fed and finished cattle. These feeding methods also tell me that the farm is raising their animals with love, care and integrity. If you think that a thoughtfully sourced piece of beef accompanied by foie gras compound butter is an oxymoron, I'd urge you to think again. Hudson Valley Foie Gras Farm is dedicated to providing a happy, healthy life for their ducks. To me, genuine care for the animal is the most important aspect of raising livestock, and the folks over at HVFGF have their whole hearts into what they do. Another dope foie farm is Patería de Sousa in Spain—to many, they are global leaders in this field. Check out this cool video that The Perennial Plate put together to showcase this Spanish farms mission to make raising foie gras humane. #ChangeMenusChangeLives

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Samuel Monsour