Frying Chicken While the Plot Thickens | Guest Chef on Hollywood Cycle

Some of the first few new friends that my wife Astrid and I made after moving to LA (September 2015) were our neighbors Abby Ex (Producer) and Nichelle Hines (Actress/CRO of Cycle House). It turned out they were working on production for a reality show based on Nichelle's cycling studio, Cycle House. Nichelle is a working actress but also has extremely deep passion for fitness and helping folks get/stay healthy. Her classes will kick your ass and her big heart will keep you coming back! 

When Nichelle's girl Carmen Ortega requested an afternoon birthday soiree in the Hills, I got the call to fry up some chicken for these health nuts!  It was a dope time and my homie Jordan Olson (professional model) rolled up with me to help with prep, pop some bottles and look good as hell like he always does. You can stream the episode (Episode 3, Odd Man Out) online but I'd recommend watching the first two episodes first so you can really get into all the juicy drama that goes down.

Aside from my Pecan Crusted Organic Fried Chicken w/ Raw Honey, Thyme and Just Grated Nutmeg, I'd say that the biggest hit were the Shoe Fly Pie Bites w/ Brûléed Meringue Air, Salty Peanuts, Blackstrap Molasses and Orange Zest (see below). 

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Samuel Monsour