All Star Chefs Classic—Southern Eats + Grill & Chill

This year I was invited to cook at All Star Chefs Classic for their Southern Eats event. The whole crew at Preux & Proper was MAD excited, yo! We came through and had a blast sharing our cold smoked andouille sausage (made with Peads & Barnetts pork) served with bacon fat gorditas, marjoram and a sea island red pea ragu (Anson Mills).

The next day was the Grill & Chill event and I came back to give a helping hand to my homie Joseph "JJ" Johnson, Executive Chef of Minton's in Harlem. He put it down on a ganster Frogmore Stew with clams, mussels, shrimp, lobster, linguica, corn & potatoes. Sounds traditional, right? Peep this: JJ's know for adding West African flavors and techniques to Southern food, so, he tossed his Frogmore with a curry paste he made with dried shrimp, ginger, turmeric, chilis and thai basil. It was off the chain. Hands down the best Frogmore I've ever had.

Samuel Monsour