Jimmy Kimmel Live—Cocktails & Pie

My bar manager Kassady Wiggins was invited to make cocktails at Jimmy Kimmel's annual backyard cookout with chef Adam Perry Lang. They also requested she bring her Mamma's famous Key Lime Pie as dessert (you can get a slice at Preux & Proper when available). 

Kass and I had a blast developing what we thought would be the perfect cocktail to pair with BBQ. Inspired by Root Beer, actually, Sarsaparilla to be exact, we infused Ketel One with green cardamom, clove and star anise. Then we mixed it with a vanilla bean + sassafras simple syrup, served it on a huge rock of ceylon cinnamon ice, topped it with a ginger foam and kissed it with some hickory smoke. It was fucking awesome! Adam's BBQ was outstanding and Jimmy was even funnier in person.

Samuel Monsour