Revealing The Power of Food at the LA Kitchen

My big homie Robert Egger moved across country from DC with his wonderful wife Claudia a few years ago to start the LA Kitchen. He continues to be an inspiration to me and all of those around him. Robert's leadership and innovation within the nonprofit sector have benefited America for the past three decades. He's also an author, an incredible speaker, an activist and a James Beard Foundation award winner. 

I truly believe in his work and do everything I can to continue to learn about his passions, processes and procedures. It's all so fascinating to me. I always feel lucky to be in his presence, so when he asked me wine and dine thirty philanthropists in hopes of garnering their financial support to keep LA Kitchen moving forward, I jumped at the opportunity!

I had a super enthusiastic and hard working team of his culinary students who held me down all night long. The biggest treat of the night was getting to cook with my homie Stevie Hacker. We met in Boston when I hired him to work in my kitchen. He was green but more ambitious than anyone I'd ever hired. He worked his ass off and went from Garde Manger to my Chef de Cuisine. He's a damn good cook and now he's out in LA doing his own thing. We haven't cooked together in a year so this was like a little reunion for us. Coincidence? I think not! It's all thanks to Robert Egger and all of the great folks over at the LA Kitchen. Much love to Robert for revealing the power of food in every way imaginable.

Samuel Monsour