Hallmark Home & Family—Bob's Burgers for Halloween

I was invited to cook burgers on Hallmark's Home & Family, so OBV I took this as an opportunity to dress up like Tine Belcher from Bob's Burgers! In spirit of Bob's Burgers, I made a spooky burger with a ridiculous pun of a name, the "Monterey Jack-O-Lantern" burger with grassfed beef, vella dry jack cheese, pumpkin crema, toasted pepita crumble, shaved tomatillo, raw jalapeño & cilantro. I also got to feed Debbie. It's always great to visit the fam. Much love to Mark Steines, Debbie Matenopoulos, Lawrence Zarian & Matt Rogers—it's always so fun to be on set with y'all. 

As an added bonus, the entire crew of Preux & Proper dressed up like characters from Bob's Burgers for Halloween night's service. 

Eat These Fish! LA

We recently held a seafood dinner at Preux & Proper in collaboration with the EPA, Seafood Watch and Chefs Collaborative. We worked with West Coast seafood and the purpose was to spotlight underutilized species as well as abundant species that the EPA is currently promoting the fishing / eating of. 

Aside from cooking for a great cause and raising awareness, my favorite part of hosting dinners of this nature are getting to have so many dope guest chefs in my kitchen! We did a 6 course menu featuring plates from Mary Sue Milliken (Border Grill), Elia Aboumrad (Hotel Normandie), Tristan Aitchison (Providence), David LeFevre (M.B. Post, The Arthur J, Fishing with Dynamite) and Christian Page (Cassell’s). We had Corie Brown of Chefs Collaborative, Sheila Bowman of Seafood Watch and Roxanne Nanninga of EPA in the house as well. We were also able to cut a check for 1K to Chefs Collaborative to keep the mothership funded!!!

Our super talented photographer Ziv Sade also displayed some really amazing art as well!

Burning Man 2015 | Chef of Cirque Gitane

I don't even know where to begin. I just returned from a 17 day journey to Black Rock City, where I was the chef (being constantly held down by my sous chef Stevie) of the world traveling gypsy pop-up concept Cirque Gitane. Our camp hosted 103 guests from all over the world, and we offered 5 meal periods per day, including breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and late night. (Basically, our kitchen offered food 20 hours a day.) It was a mind-bending experience, and perhaps the most challenging project of my career. I'm completely drained, but I felt the need to start this post, so here it goes. My shitty first draft.

Perhaps my greatest take-away from Burning Man is the bond I forged with my crew, and the reconnect with my long-lost cook Stevie, who's permanently relocated to LA and is now my right hand man; my General at Arms; the first employee of Caliber & Dice. Burning Man was what brought him back in my life and I am eternally grateful for that. <3

I experienced a great deal of spiritual connection, both internally and externally, and cooking breakfast + dancing with Susan Sarandon was nothing short of chronic. 

That's all I've got. I'll get this updated with stories, emotions and better photos in the weeks to follow. For now, here's some shots from my iPhone...

Frying Chicken While the Plot Thickens | Guest Chef on Hollywood Cycle

Some of the first few new friends that my wife Astrid and I made after moving to LA (September 2015) were our neighbors Abby Ex (Producer) and Nichelle Hines (Actress/CRO of Cycle House). It turned out they were working on production for a reality show based on Nichelle's cycling studio, Cycle House. Nichelle is a working actress but also has extremely deep passion for fitness and helping folks get/stay healthy. Her classes will kick your ass and her big heart will keep you coming back! 

When Nichelle's girl Carmen Ortega requested an afternoon birthday soiree in the Hills, I got the call to fry up some chicken for these health nuts!  It was a dope time and my homie Jordan Olson (professional model) rolled up with me to help with prep, pop some bottles and look good as hell like he always does. You can stream the episode (Episode 3, Odd Man Out) online but I'd recommend watching the first two episodes first so you can really get into all the juicy drama that goes down.

Aside from my Pecan Crusted Organic Fried Chicken w/ Raw Honey, Thyme and Just Grated Nutmeg, I'd say that the biggest hit were the Shoe Fly Pie Bites w/ Brûléed Meringue Air, Salty Peanuts, Blackstrap Molasses and Orange Zest (see below). 

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Farmers Market Burgers on Hallmark's Home & Family

In cahoots with promoting my new cookbook American Burger Revival, my wife Astrid and I stopped by Hallmark's Home and Family to hang with the Fam and cook up some tasty burgers with co-host and chef Christina Ferrare.

We took a ton of great farmers market veggies and made some of my favorite recipes from the book to create a custom stack, featuring grass-fed beef, raw kale sofrito, quick pickled red onions and hickory smoked heirloom tomatoes. Oh yeah, and Parmigaina Frico! I had such a blast and hope to make it back soon. You can watch the whole segment right here:

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Badassery at Bogie's Place | Featured Chef on Man Finds Food

One of last things I did before leaving my post as opening executive chef of jm Curley and Bogie's Place in Boston was film this rich-and-meaty segment with (who is now) my homie Adam Richman. Adam is a super cool cat. He's so well traveled and has experienced so much, but when he shares his knowledge, its never preachy. His heart is so fucking big, and he's so passionate about sharing his adventures. He's a true inspiration. He also knows more old school hip-hop lyrics than anyone I've ever met—I guess growing up in Brooklyn during the 80's will do that. When he came through my kitchen, I showed him how I get down on a classic steakhouse preparation: Bone-In Ribeye with Foie Gras Compound Butter and Roasted Bone Marrow. Aside from extremely high-heat and attentive execution, the most important element with offering a dish like this is thoughtfully sourced ingredients. Livestock must be farmed with integrity! Check out this video short highlighting our segment:

And now, a sustainability interlude: As chefs, we must fight against shitty commodity farming practices like daily administered preventative antibiotics, growth hormones and in cheap GMO corn and/or soy feed. We can do so by purchasing meats from farms that make their practices transparent and proudly share their methods with the general public via web and farm tours/ For beef, I can't speak highly enough about grass-fed and finished cattle. These feeding methods also tell me that the farm is raising their animals with love, care and integrity. If you think that a thoughtfully sourced piece of beef accompanied by foie gras compound butter is an oxymoron, I'd urge you to think again. Hudson Valley Foie Gras Farm is dedicated to providing a happy, healthy life for their ducks. To me, genuine care for the animal is the most important aspect of raising livestock, and the folks over at HVFGF have their whole hearts into what they do. Another dope foie farm is Patería de Sousa in Spain—to many, they are global leaders in this field. Check out this cool video that The Perennial Plate put together to showcase this Spanish farms mission to make raising foie gras humane. #ChangeMenusChangeLives

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