the come up

“My Life has always been a love story about food and cooking.”

My passion for food began early on, and roots from a childhood spent cooking alongside—and eating with—my Pops. In fact, as far back as my memory goes, food has been the most exciting thing in my life. As a child, I would wake up at midnight and sneak out of my bedroom so I could greet my Pops as he came home from work. At age thirteen, I began working at my folks' restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (Bud & Eb’s). My folks’ joint was an American Bar & Grill known for it’s funky Southern spread, spanning cuisines from the Carolinas all the way down to Texas, with a big pit-stop in New Orleans. This was where I learned to cook the classics, like Crawfish Étouffée, Barbecued Pork, Red Beans & Rice, Cuban Sandwiches, Smoked Andouille Plates, Fried Fish, Tortilla Soup, Cajun Crab Cakes, Pop's Burgers, Mommy's Apple Crisp and so much more. The only frills were on the toothpicks. It was down-home cooking; true grit American food. Food that I still love to cook, eat and serve to this day.

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“I love honoring the iconic plates I GREW UP COOKing in my pop’s kitchen while also creating extra fancy southern eats.”

36 Hour Prime Boneless Beef Rib w/ Garnet Yam Purée, Maitake-Leek Verde, Crispy Parsnips & Potlikker Demi