The Count comes to Beantown

Just two weeks after getting my Fernet tattoo, the sixth generation heir to the Fernet throne, Count Eduardo Branca, just so happened to swing through Boston for a few days. Amongst his itinerary was an intimate luncheon hosted by Toro Restaurant in the South End. My fresh ink scored me a seat! As always, the food, service, beverages, hospitality, and company at Toro were outstanding. I didn't expect to get much face time with Eduardo, but to my surprise, we ended up chatting about an assortment on subjects, and I truly felt a strong bond with him by the time we parted ways. He was a really cool cat to meet, and amongst other things, shared with me the secrets of grappa distilling, mainly, how to ensure one doesn't go blind from consumption (no seeds, no skin). HUGE thanks to Kitty Amann for being such a thoughtful friend and Boston's shining star Fernet rep.