The Junk Food Jedi Strikes Again

Chefs Collaborative is a HUGE aid in spreading the word on sustainable eating. They organize a network of chefs that give a shit about life, food and the planet. Their aim is to change the sustainable food landscape using the power of connections, education and responsible buying decisions. I love them! This year, they collaborated with Earth Dinners and restaurants across America with one goal: to support and promote sustainability in celebration of earth day. Chefs Collaborative invited me to participate in Earth Dinners AND gave me the opportunity to guest blog about my current project, "The Future of Junk Food". As a chef who truly does give a shit about sustainability, I am grateful that this organization is doing what they're doing. It's huge. And much needed. I hope that I can continue to grow my relationship and involvement with them, and contribute to "the cause" in a manner that will help bring change.