Nine Ways to Die

On April 21st, I got to vibe out on a 9 course tasting menu with a truly bad ass chef from Chicago: Chris Pandel (The Bristol, Balena). When planning the menu, Chris and I decided to cook with rustic french technique, focus on the regional flavors of our respective homes, and complement the two regions by incorporating vibrant spring produce. He came correct with some serious Mid-West swag, and I repped my old stomping grounds, the dirty south. Chris and his entire crew were awesome to cook with, laugh with, run a service with, and end up in Chinatown with (at 4 am). The experience of cooking with such an incredible chef and genuine human being truly was an inspiration! We only fucked one thing up. Our portions were sized for a 5 course dinner, so by the seventh course, the diners were hurting, and when dessert arrived, well, it was straight up laughable. 

Samuel MonsourComment