#true28 is more than an app, yo

(Photo by Nicolaus Czarnecki)

On January 17, 2014 (after being awake for 36 hours) my wife Astrid and I officially launched the iPad version of our Paleo Lifestyle App, #true28. Our flagship phrase is "it's more than an app, yo!" and this class proved that to be true, yo! We call #true28 a lifestyle improvement movement. We founded it on the principle that bridging the gap between the Paleolithic Era—how we’ve lived for 2.6 million years—and the present will bring us closer to our true nature. 

We developed, designed and programmed the software all by ourselves, which was a huge undertaking (neither of us are programmers). The app navigates users through a challenging four-week journey of self-rediscovery, embracing the ideal that the true nature of humanity is to live happy, healthy and meaningful lives. Each of the four features—#power, #provisions, #presence and #progress—reincorporate unique Paleolithic qualities into our modern Western lifestyle.

In February, we were lucky enough to teach the app as a class at the BCAE. We got together every Saturday in the 28 day month and proved that our project was way more than just an app—it had the power to bring people together for self love, positivity and health! Together, with our fantastic students, we took the challenge, and leaned on one another for strength, support and compassion. It was an amazing, humbling and uplifting experience! 

Photos above from our 4 week class. The class truly brought the challenge to life. Students participated in Q&A sessions, shared their weekly trials and tribulations, got a hands on exercise class guided by fitness guru (my badass wife) Astrid Bengtson, and got their bellies satisfied with paleo brunch prepared by yours truly. (All exercises and recipes were content of the app).

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