The Future of Junk Food | 6 Part Pop-up Series with Kitchensurfing

The Future of Junk Food started out as a fun and funky Spring seasonal menu. (Photos above depict original spring menu from April of 2013.) I loved the concept so much that I decided to follow through with it all through the Summer months, swapping out iconic offerings as often as local, sustainable produce varied. 

Fast forward a year and a half, and in January of 2014, my homie and fellow chef Mark O'Leary approached me about doing a dining series together for a startup company. Kitchensurfing to be exact, and they were looking for some in-the-trenches chefs to make a big splash for them as they continued to gain traction throughout the pro chef world. 

Marky and I have always celebrated our mutual love for junk food.

Marky was my first sous chef (ever) and we have been down a tumultuous road together. It really meant the world to me that we once again joined forces, and brought TFOJF back to life. 

Our mission was simple. Progress. We wanted to raise our voices and start a national conversation about advancement for the processed food industry. Check out this gangster video I slapped together while listening to some old Dr. Dre.

Over the course of 2014, we hosted a six part pop-up series in Boston and Los Angeles, cooked with over a dozen insanely talented chefs, recreated over thirty iconic American junk food staples (with sustainable ingredients) and fed hundreds of fellow junk food junkies.  It was a great run, and we certainly made some noise and uproar for the sake of processed food reform. 

Here are some behind the scenes action shots along with some of my favorite dishes that we created. Click on them to enter a lightbox fullscreen showing.

Samuel Monsour