There’s nothing fresher than a crisp new pair of Chuck Taylor’s. Except for fried chicken.

Chuck Taylor’s Fried Chicken All Stars is a funky, light-hearted new pop-up series I'm launching for 2015, and I have a feeling it's gonna be dope! After three separate and monumental fried chicken encounters within one week, I began to marinate on what the universe was trying to tell me. It was simple. Everyone loves fried chicken. Whether clean-and-simple or styled-the-fuck-out, its the perfect accessory to a night on the town. Just like a fly pair of Chucks.

By combining late night eats with sneaker culture, I'm hoping to create an energetic, line-around-the-block style event loaded with all sorts of funky flavors. I want people to wear their favorite Chucks, and I hope they-be-all-like, "Oh shit, you got the Andy Warhol Campbell Soup kicks?! Those are fly. Check out my zipper studded John Varvatos joints!"

Each pop-up features two styles of fried chicken—one from a guest chef and one from yours truly—and to keep things on point with the concept, I'm working with a super dope clothing artist named Brian Staton who's creating hand-painted Chuck's. A new "Fried Chicken All Stars" edition pair of Chuck's will be released at each pop-up (he also takes custom orders). Keep your eyes peeled cuz I'm gonna be popping up with these crispy little num nums all over, with Boston, Chicago, Manhattan, Raleigh and Los Angeles all going down this Spring/Summer.